The LipStick Files: LA Splash Cosmetics

I just want to take that first step and admit that I’m secretly obsessed with lipstick. Matte, liquid lipsticks, or gloss have instantly become my newest obsession.

I’ve been collecting various types of lipsticks and today’s post is dedicated to LA Splash’s liquid lipsticks.

Now these lippies are a tad bit more expensive than the LA girl lippies.

They’re $14 a piece…however I rarely buy anything full price and I purchased these babies on sale.

I picked up three colors yet I didn’t realize that two of the colors I picked up were super close in color range.

GRRRRRRR……anyway on to the review.


Latte Confession

This mauve-y pink color is possibly my favorite nude/neutral color for my skin tone. I think I own this color in almost all of my lipsticks.

It’s quite sad that I have this color in so many variations.

What I like most about this color is that I don’t have to wear a liner with this lipstick.


OG Ghoulish

This is the color that I didn’t mean to pick. This is a grey toned nude liquid lipstick, that was a slight obsession before 90s brown which has taken storm.

Yet this is not my favorite but I’ve been playing with different combos to see if I can darken it up and make it brown girl friendly.



THIS baby right here is amazing. It’s a grey toned mauve-y color. See there’s that mauve-y again. I just love it. I’ve paired this with dark brown lip liners and the results have been amazing.



Application is super simple.

Love the applicator


Not too drying

Great color range



Smell – give off a faint paint smell.

Overall, I like these lippies. I plan on purchasing a few more colors in the new year.

Have you tried these lippies? What are your favorite colors?

Peace and Love


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