Best Under $10|Drugstore Makeup

Yes you read that title correct.

These are the best under $10 drugstore makeup finds.

Initially I was going to do a top 10 under 10 but I found out that I have more than 10 drugstore favorites.

I haven’t been able to locate a good yellow-ish powder to bake with yet but if you know of any please comment below.

Let’s get started:

First up I want to highlight one of my current favorite drugstore primers.

The Maybelline Instant Pore Eraser


Retails for $6.99

Now I don’t have huge pores but the ones that I do have around my nose are sometimes annoying. I usually use this to help eliminate my pores and create a smooth base for my makeup. I’m currently on the hunt for a great matte makeup primer so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Of course I had to mention my favorite drugstore foundation the

Maybelline Matte and Poreless Fit Me Foundation 

Retails for $7.99

I love this product. Especially now that they have came out with the matte and poreless collection. I usually have oily skin in the summer and this baby gets my skin super matte.  I am in the color 355 Coconut.

Concealer wise, hands down the L.A. Girl pro Concealers are my absolute favorites. I often use these to highlight and sometimes conceal. I even watched a few girls on the YT (YouTube) use them as foundation as well.

Retails for $5

Although they are usually much cheaper at your local beauty supply store.

I often use these to highlight and sometimes conceal. I even watched a few girls on the YT (YouTube) use them as foundation as well.

They provide great coverage and are really affordable. Two of my most reached for are Fawn and Almond.

Recently I have been reaching for the Black Radiance pressed powder to finish off my face with.

Black Radiance Pressed Powder – Cafe

Retails for $4.99

I’m on the hunt for both the Chai and Chocolate colors because the Cafe color is just a tad bit dark for me now that we are entering the winter months.

Also, from the Black Radiance collection is one of my favorite bronzers.

Black Radiance Baked Color – Gingersnap

Retails for $4.99

This is the perfect bronzer for the summer months when you just want to look golden. I recently purchased some new bronzers for review so look out for that review also.

Wet n Wild really has some great eyeshadow palettes and at a super affordable price. One of my favorite palettes that they have is the

Comfort Zone Palette


Retails for $4.99

When I first started wearing makeup I would always pick up these palettes because they tell you where you should put the colors in the palette. This is definitely a great started palette for someone who is starting out in makeup.

Mascara was a hard choice for me because I usually don’t buy a bunch of drugstore mascaras. However this one has been my favorite mascara as of late.

Maybelline the Falsies 


Retails for $6.99

Now for brows I find myself reaching for the

Jordana Fabu Brow – Dark Brown


Retails $2.99

I don’t often reach for this product but again this was BAE when I first started wearing makeup. Not to mention these things are super affordable and work great.

Speaking of Jordana they have some of my favorite affordable lip liners.

Easyliner for Lips


Retails for $2.49

Some of my favorite colors include:

Rock n Rose


Plush Plum

Baby Berry


I have a bunch of drugstore lipsticks however if I had to select my absolute favorite it would have to be Milani. Before I jumped on this lovely matte trend I was all for the lustre and glossy lipsticks.

Milani Lipstick – Teddy Bare

Retails $5.99

I don’t own many but my absolute favorite nude from Milani is the Teddy Bare color. This color is such a perfect color for WOC.

My go to brush palette hails from E.L.F.

It is called the

ELF Blush Palette – Dark


Retails for $6

I absolutely love this palette. I often find myself reaching for the two shades on the right hand side. However, I plan on using the lower left shade for a NYE look.

Lastly, to finish the face off and set our makeup. I often use the Elf Makeup Mist & Set Spray.


Retails for $3

WARNING: Stand far away when setting your makeup with this. I’m clumsy so I often don’t realize how close I am and have ingested some of this.

I’ve noticed this also comes in a matte spray which has been added to my 2016 wish list.

I apologize for the length of this post but it was really difficult to narrow down to these items. I also realized that I didn’t include any eyeliner and that’s because I don’t have any favorites. 😦

What are some of your drugstore favorites?

Peace and Love ❤


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