Pittsburgh Juice Company

So I have a confession.

I tried a juice cleanse.

Yes you read that correctly, I tried a juice cleanse.

I recently visited a local juicing company (The Pittsburgh Juice Company)  here in Pittsburgh and was fortunate enough to score a juice cleanse to try out.

Juice Programs are the ideal way to reset your internal systems, add nutrients and enzymes to your diet and help your body naturally rid itself of toxins. Each program includes a special combination of six Juices and Smoothies per day for one through ten consecutive days at a time.

They have 3 different cleanses and the one I tried was called

Getting Juicy 

and it was recommended for first time juice users.

You can get a 1,2,3,5 or 10 day cleanse.

After kick-starting your metabolism and digestion with a sweet and spicy Carrot Apple Ginger, the smooth Green Juices provide a solid base for you to detox. The Power Berry Smoothie and Almond Milk are healthy treats packed with protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates.

Each day includes:

Carrot Apple Ginger

Green Juice

Power Berry Smoothie

Green Juice

Almond Milk

Green Juice



These babies only have a 3-5 day shelf life. So it is best to use these before the best by date.

So I tested it out.

And the results were quite interesting.

Initially I was doing great. I had about 3 juices down before lunch time.

However, I began to get hungry and then it all went down hill from there lol.

I ended up eating pizza and then had Mexican food that night.

Although, my eating habits were terrible the juices weren’t bad.

I did struggle a little in the evening trying to finish the last two juices because these babies are quite filling.

Overall, I am going to attempt another juice cleanse in the New Year and will do better with my eating habits.

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse?

What was your experience?

Peace and Love ❤


2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Juice Company

  1. Please keep me up to date with your next experience. I would love to try this one day though I know I would need a partner. I wonder if this would give me more energy and how many times they would recommend doing this in one year.

    Did you find this to be expensive?

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