Affordable Makeup Brush Set

Hey y’all!

Today I have a great surprise for you.

An affordable makeup brush set.

YES you read that correctly!





Now I’ve been on the hunt for new brushes and was excited to stumble upon these babies. I’m all for saving money on quality products so I had to give these a try.

BESTOPE [Update Version] 10PCs Premium Makeup Brushes Set

Buy Here

You receive 10 brushes in the set, 5 are face brushes and the remaining 5 are eye brushes.

You also have 2 brush options either the gold and black or silver and black.

I picked up the black and gold set and it came packaged like this.


Along with the brushes the package contained a drawstring bag and a card thanking you for your purchase.



Each brush comes individually wrapped and are etched with the Bestope label. They are super soft and incredibly dense.


One thing I don’t like is that they smell like paint and they aren’t labeled. I did wash them before I used them.

Here are the face brushes:

Round Blending Face Brush


This brush can be used for applying your powders. Β I absolutely love the size of this brush.

Flat Blending Face Brush


This brush is great for applying liquid or cream products to your face.

Flat Angled Blending Face Brush


Great blending brush for your face products. I will use this around my mouth and chin area because it is angled.

Angled Blending Face Brush


I plan on using this brush to apply blush and bronzer with.

Tapered Contouring Face Brush


The suggested use of this brush is to use around your eyes and mouth however I might use this to apply liquid foundation with. Also I might use this to blend out contour (once I get the hang of this lovely new trend)

Now on to the eye brushes, first up is the

Small Flat Angled Contoured Face Brush


Whew that’s a mouth full but this brush is good for nose and chin and potentially mouth contours…but I’m not doing all of that. Yet if you do, then do you boo boo.

Small Flat Blending Face Brush


This is great for blending eyeshadows and every girl needs a great blending brush right?

Small Tapered Contouring Face Brush


Again I don’t think I will be using this brush for contouring. However, this is a great brush to apply eyeshadow to your crease.

Small Round Blending Face Brush


Yet another great blending eyeshadow brush.

Small Angled Contoured Face Brush


Another great contour brush for the nose area and it can also be used to blend out the crease.

That’s it. I’m excited to try these brushes out in the New Year.

What are some of your favorite makeup brushes for beginners?

Peace and Love ❀


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