Holiday Sets – Beauty Blender

Hey guys!

I’m back with another holiday set review. This one is going to be quick.

Beauty Blender -Prep. Pretty. Clean.

I picked up this Beauty Blender Prep set from Sephora on a random makeup shopping day.

It contains 2 beauty blenders along with the liquid blendercleanser.



This set was $40 which is a great steal because beauty blenders are $20 a piece and the cleanser is $18.

These beauty blenders are AMAZING for applying makeup with. I’m currently rotating between two other ones and will put these 2 in rotation once the previous ones perish.

I also have tried the solid beauty cleanser and I LOVE IT. It gets my brushes super clean and its really easy to use. I’m excited to try the liquid cleanser to see if it yields the same results.

Have you tried the liquid cleanser?

If so what are your thoughts?

Peace and Love ❀


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