In a Flash | Patchology FlashMasque Trio

FlashMasque’s are seriously becoming my secret obsession.

Although, I’m currently on a no buy I stocked up on a few masque’s to help continue my habit.

Today’s review is about the amazing flashmasque trio from Patchology.


The set contains:

3 FlashMasque® Facial Sheets (1 each of: Exfoliate, Hydrate & Illuminate)

Exfoliate FlashMasque gently removes dead skin cells for more even tone and texture.


Hydrate FlashMasque delivers a mega-dose of moisture for soft, silky skin.


Illuminate FlashMasque reveals fresh-faced radiance to lackluster skin.


The beauty of these masque’s is that it only takes 5 MINUTES.  I really enjoy all 3 masque’s however the illuminate masque is my favorite. I can actually feel the masque working and my skin seems bright after usage.

Once my no buy is complete, I’m going to purchase a few more of each because when used together I get the best results.

What are some of your favorite masks?

Peace and Love ❤


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