The LipStick Files: Too Faced Melted Chocolate

Happy Friday!

I have another lipstick post for you all. This time it is one of my current favorite lippies.

Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquid Lipsticks.

These babies are $21 a piece and there are 6 total in the collection.

Most of these shades are WOC friendly and the best part.


Yup you read that right. They smell exactly like chocolate.

Anyway I have 4 out of the collection and I will probably get the Frozen Hot Chocolate color from the collection later in the year.

The four shades that I have are:

Chocolate Cherries

This color is amazing. It is such a deep berry shade and it is super comfortable. I pretty much wear this out as much as possible.


BTW this was Christmas day and we both have on jean jackets in DECEMBER in PITTSBURGH.

Crazy right!?

Metallic Candy Bar

I haven’t worn this shade alone yet. I usually pair it with another liquid lipstick because it is so sheer. Also, there are some flecks of glitter in this lippie.

Metallic Chocolate Diamonds

I haven’t worn this color at all yet. I had plans of wearing this on NYE but I kept my butt in so that plain failed. However this is another sheer shade and contains a lot of glitter. I will probably do the same with this one as the candy bar.

Chocolate Honey

I was super excited to receive this color because it looked amazing on Jackie O. So I ripped the packaging opening this one and immediately fell in love. THIS COLOR IS AMAZING. It is definitely a your lips but better color and an everyday color for me. I usually wear this color when I’m working at the mall as well as when I have to go to the office.

The chocolate honey and the chocolate cherries are a definite repurchase. I think once I use those up and my no buy is complete I’m going to rebuy them along with the frozen hot chocolate.

I would highly recommend all my WOC peeps to check these lippies out and if you are stuck on what color to buy I would recommend the chocolate honey.

Lastly, I’m going to start doing lip swatches. Would that be something you all are interested in?

Comment below!

Peace and Love ❤


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