Holiday Set – Ole Henriksen

Lately I have been obsessed with “skin brightening” products. I’ve think I’ve tried a few products that claim to help brighten dull skin.

Although dull skin has never been a major concern for me, I’m slightly obsessed with these brightening products.

I was excited to see this lovely set being offered from Ole Henriksen at Sephora.

I’ve been watching and reading various reviews about Ole Henriksen products and was excited to see this set at Sephora.

The Cleanse & Glow on the go set retailed for $10 and contains 2 products:

African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser


I absolutely love this cleanser. It is super moisturizing and I can feel it working. I can actually feel the product working which I love. IDK about you all but I need to feel that the product is working in order for me to purchase more. This is definitely a repurchase once I use this all up.

the clean truth brightening cleansing cloths


I LOVE THESE CLOTHS. Again this is a product that I can FEEL working. I will note that I don’t usually use these 2 in conjunction because my skin just isn’t having it. I’m not sure which products are not friends but my face isn’t here for it. I usually keep these in my gym bag because they leave my face feeling super refreshed after a workout session.

I’m still perfecting my skin care routine and am still on the hunt for more brightening products. Do you have suggestions? I’m going to purchase more products from the Ole Henriksen line to test out. Stay tuned for those reviews.

Peace and Love ❤


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