#FoundationFriday: Revlon ColorStay

Time for yet another foundation review and this time I’m not happy.

After seeing so many great reviews about this product I decided to give it a try.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation – 410 


So I blame YOUTUBE for this purchase.

I originally picked up the color before this is caramel and I believe it is 400. However that was just far too light. I’m talking ghostly overcast light. So naturally I returned that and picked up the next shade which is 410 THIS ONE WAS FAR TOO DARK.


I was kind of bummed because I’ve heard great reviews about this product. Yet, since this color is so dark I’m going to wait until the summer to fully review it because I will have my summer skin on.

The price point is somewhat okay. They are $13.99 at my local CVS but I picked this up when they were having a sale so I didn’t pay the full price. $13.99 is a little step but okay for a drugstore price.

Also, the 410 formula is somewhat thick. It’s weird because the 400 formula wasn’t as thick and then when I purchased the 410 it was super thick. WEIRD.


Yeah this picture does this no justice but whatever lol.

One thing that I do like is that they have two separate formulas; one for oily/combination skin and then for normal/dry skin. I think I’m going to pick up a shade from the normal/dry skin range and see if it better matches my skin complexion.

Does anyone else own this foundation? If so what are your thoughts?

Peace and Love ❤


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