Greatist Challenge: Week #2 Recap

I can’t believe week 2 is already over!

Seriously this week has came and went.

I took the lessons learned from last week and did a lot better.

I really did not have to grocery shop this week because my grandparents bought groceries for me so I was completely under my budget.

I spent $30 this week and ate out twice.

small victories.

I also meal prepped twice this week with MAJOR help from my son.

He absolutely loves asparagus and broccoli so we went to town meal prepping.

AGAIN, I slacked off on the picture taking. I don’t know why this is such a hard task for me.

I can remember to take pictures for everything else but I guess I was just so ready to finish making food and get my son ready for bed that the pictures seemed to be the last thing on my mind.

However, one of my goals for week 3 is to take pictures of the process and whatever I plan on spending.

I’m excited because, I’m starting to fall in love with cooking again.

Not only is it something that I get to share with my son but it brings me and my granny closer because it gives her the opportunity to share her amazing talent.

Week 3’s recap will be filled with pictures and potentially a recipe or two.

I will leave you all with one tip.


Seriously, I think one of the things that I often struggle with the most is celebrating small victories.

I often overlook the small things that I’ve accomplished that end up adding to a wonderful defeat.

Β celebrate

Stay tuned for more money saving tips!

Peace and Love ❀


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