The Fitness Files: My Top 3 Fitness Apps

Fitness was listed on pretty much every resolution I read this year and I’m happy that people are deciding to take control of their lives.

However, people often fail because they lose motivation or just are poorly educated.

I figured I share with you all a few of my favorite fitness apps:

ย Nike+ Training Club (Free)


I absolutely love this app because it is made up of more than 100 workouts created by Nike master trainers for all fitness levels. You are able to select your desired fitness goal and then bam it provides you with a workout goal. Another bonus is that it also has video tutorials.

Couch to 5K (Free)


So I’m not a long distance runner.


End of story.

However this amazing app has transformed me into a long distance runner. This is probably the easiest app to follow along with. It definitely keeps me motivated and helps me to notice my progress. ALSO this app is free. Like are you kidding me?

If you are looking into getting into running this app is a must.

My Fitness Pal (Free)


Working out is only half the battle.

You know at first I did not believe the saying that


However, I am now a firm believer that this is true and My Fitness Pal has definitely helped me to achieve this.

My Fitness Pal helps to track all of your caloric intake. It is really easy to use and has pretty much every meal possible in its directory with very accurate nutritional breakdown. Another plus is that your friends can join and help to motivate you as well. So call up your accountability partner and have them sign up and remind me them to keep you accountable.

What are some of your favorite fitness apps?

Peace and Love โค


2 thoughts on “The Fitness Files: My Top 3 Fitness Apps

  1. Those are great apps! NTC is definitely my favorite, so many great workouts with such little equipment (if any) needed! I have the couch to 10k (from zen labs) but I haven’t used it… Thinking I’ll give it a try! I really love and recommend Charity Miles app. I did a blog post about it back in like October but it’s an amazing opportunity “earn” money for a charity of your choice by running/walking/biking (best part is it’s a sponsored company doing the donating!) so you can track miles and also the amount of money that has been donated in your honor ๐Ÿ™‚

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