6 Ways to Get Addicted to Exercise

Hey y’all!

Happy Tuesday!

I’ve been seeing this lovely meme all over social media lately and it prompted me to do a post about staying motivated with your fitness goals.


6 Ways to Get Addicted to Exercise

When I initially started on my fitness journey. I HATED the thought of waking up early to go workout. However I followed these tips as well as a few others and quickly became addicted to working out.

Make it Fun.


I absolutely love my Fitbit and all the motivation it provides me. Not only does it keep me accountable but it keeps exercising fun and competitive. I’m a very competitive person and the daily, weekly and weekend challenges are so much fun. I have been able to meet new people around the world who have provided me with a lot of motivation and competition to keep me motivated to hit the gym or stay active for the week.

Start Slow


I was very active as a child and that activeness somewhat transferred to my adulthood. However when I began my fitness journey I just ASSUMED that I would be able to take on everything.

I wanted to run, lift and do anything else under the sun.

However, I was quickly reminded that I couldn’t.

I had to start small and take things slowly.

I started with running and then quickly realized how much I hated it.

I then moved on to lifting.

I started with working out 2x a week and then that quickly changed.

I fell in love with lifting weights and the changes that were occurring.

I soon became an avid gym member and loved hitting the gym 5-6x a week.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Get the Right Equipment

I pretty much had the same thinking about fitness equipment that I had about working out.


But my bank account quickly brought me back to reality.

I needed to purchase the items that I only needed to complete my daily workouts.

Those items included:

Fitness Apps

I mainly used the Nike+ Training Club app because it provided me with all necessary tips needed to start a workout regimen.


I love shoes but I know I needed to get the proper shoes to workout in as well as do some running.


My mother is a wealth of knowledge so of course I reached out to her about the proper shoes.

She immediately directed me to a few running stores here in Pittsburgh to help me decide which shoes were needed for running.

Asics are a great brand for those of you who enjoy running.


Make it Accessible


Not everyone is a morning person, so 5 AM workouts aren’t going to work out for everyone.

It’s important to find a time that works best for you and your schedule.

Now that my job has switched and it’s very flexible, 5 AM workouts don’t work for me anymore. I now have time to workout during the day and it’s actually working out great.

Figure out what time works for you and go from there.

Get a Workout Buddy


I believe this is potentially the most important tip for becoming addicted to exercise.

My mother has been my motivation and workout buddy for the past 2 years.

Although we currently don’t go to the same gym, we still get a chance to workout together during her bootcamps.


ALSO, once the weather breaks we will be back outdoors together and I can not wait.

Workout buddies help keep you motivated and accountable. You don’t need to physically workout together but it would be important to have that special someone rooting for you and helping to keep you motivated.

Reward Yourself


Rewards are a must.

I currently follow the $1 in a jar every time I workout and once I reach a goal of $50 I reward myself.

I really enjoy this because I’m a visual learner and actually watching my dollars grow excites to continue to workout.

Get creative. Create a colorful workout jar to help keep you motivated.



What are some things that help keep you motivated?

Peace and Love ❀



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