The Fitness Files: UNICO Nutrition

Hey Everyone!

How was your first week of February?


I know for me it has been quite a busy but productive week.

So today’s fitness post is dedicated to a company called UNICO.

I recently became an ambassador with them and they sent me some free goodies to test out and blog about.

First, what exactly is UNICO?

Unico Nutrition Inc. was founded in 2012. We are a departure from the deceptive marketing, dangerous formulas, and lack of quality and imagination that has plagued the supplement industry for so long. Our company’s purpose is to create and deliver the safest and most effective exercise supplements on the market, while enthusiastically upholding our social, corporate, and environmental responsibilities. Unico Nutrition Inc. identifies with four core values that inspire and dictate every stage of our business model. They are safety, effectiveness, honesty, and responsibility.

What I like most about this company is that they have products dedicated specifically for women and that’s amazing.

Here is what I received:


Yumino BCAA Endurance, Hydration & Recovery Matrix – Yummy Cherry Coconut

Now I am not a huge fan of coconut flavored drinks however this is very yummy.

I was actually on the market to purchase some new BCAA’s and this arrived just at the right time.

I used this, this past week during my workouts and have noticed a major difference.

Yumino is proven to:

🔋 Boost Endurance and initiate Muscle Recovery

💪🏽 Keep the Body Hydrated with Electrolytes

🔥 Build lean muscle while mobilizing and burning stored body fat

I also received this tank:


For some odd reason I haven’t worn this just yet.

That’s it.

I just placed an order for one of there blender bottle along with there Goddess Stack which includes there fat burner and pre workout. I will be sure to share the goodies when they arrive along with my review on the products.

Interested in trying UNICO products?

Click here.

What are some of your favorite supplements for women? Let me know in the comments!

Peace and Love ❤


2 thoughts on “The Fitness Files: UNICO Nutrition

  1. Hey Chicka….I love cellucor and AboutTime brands. But am interested in trying something new, so I sign up on the site. Looking forward to providing some awesome feedback. Thanks

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