The Ultimate Girl’s Night Out Guide


© Susanne Nilsson

Guest blog post by Lauren Pickens

If you’re like me then you won’t be spending the day with Prince Charming. But, it doesn’t have to be a sad affair. Surround yourself with your best friends and spend the night out having a good time with your squad! Instead of thinking of Valentine’s Day as a holiday to love someone else, use it as a day to love yourself and best gal pals. If you need a few ideas for what you should do on your night out keep on reading because I am about to give you a game plan for any friend group.

Go out dancing

This is the classic girls night activity. You can spend the first half of the day pampering yourself with at home spa treatments and then get glammed up for the night. Depending on what your scene is you can go to a dance club that plays chart music, oldies, or even salsa music. Just be sure that you choose where you want to go beforehand so that you

know what the dress code is, what time people generally start arriving, and whether it’s going to have a good sized crowd or be a dud.

Go to a wine tasting

If you’re looking for more of a relaxed evening you can take your friends to a wine tasting. This option is great for groups who are looking for a classy, chilled environment. You and your girls can try new wines and spend the evening having great conversations.

Treat yourselves to a meal at a five star restaurant

If you and your friends are foodies then your perfect girl’s night out will be spent at a four star restaurant. Get dressed up and indulge in an evening of fine food.

Go for a karaoke session

Karaoke isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but when you really commit to it and stop worrying about everyone else in the bar you can have a blast with it. If some of your friends are on the timid side they might need some liquid courage before they get up on the stage!

Organize a bar crawl scavenger hunt

Bar crawls are fun, but when you add a scavenger hunt into the mix it takes the activity to the next level. You can divide your group up into teams or pairs, depending on how many people are attending your girls night. For the hunt you can use an online guide of tasks that each team has to complete or an item that has to be found at each location of the crawl. Or you can create your own custom hunt.

In conclusion


I hope you all have enjoyed this post, and gained a few ideas that you and your friends can use on Valentine’s Day. You can visit my blog La Whimsy Writer here to see Erricka’s post or just to take a browse around my site. You can also follow me on Instagram @watchmewrite and on Twitter @whimsywriter.


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