The LipStick Files: NYX Lip Lingerie

Happy Thursday Everyone!

It is time for yet another liquid lipstick haul.

I’ve been dying to try these babies out and I finally was able to purchase them.

I’m talking about NYX’s Lip Lingerie liquid lipstick.

There are currently a total of 12 shades and I picked up 4.


They retail for $7 a pop….YASSSSSS!

& you can buy them at NYX’s website or at Ulta. I haven’t seen them in any drugstores yet but then again I live in Pittsburgh and we are always LATE with everything.

Here are the shades I picked up:

Beauty Mark

A beautiful chocolate brown shade. I love the whole chocolate brown lip trend so I picked up both brown shades.


A warm rich brown shade.


MY FAVORITE OUT OF THE BUNCH. A warm mahogany red.

If you are going to pick these up, I recommend this one! It is definitely a your lips but better shade.


A brown spice pink. This is a lovely nude shade that I don’t think I need a lipliner with but I more than likely will wear one.

Here they are fully dried.


Top to Bottom: Exotic – Push Up – Teddy – Beauty Mark

As you can see they are a little streaky.

Overall these are very drying. I wore them both with a lip balm underneath and alone and each time I could feel them drying on my lips.

Another con would be that these don’t smell very great. They have that chemical smell.

Once they dry down they do become somewhat tacky.

The beauty of these is that these are BROWN GIRL FRIENDLY. Most of the shades I seen were very beautiful for brown girls.

TIP: Don’t let these fully dry before applying another coat because they do get tacky.

Let me know in the comments if you want to see lip swatches.

What are your thoughts?

Peace and Love ❀


One thought on “The LipStick Files: NYX Lip Lingerie

  1. They look to be pretty shades; however, not sure it’s worth it if you have to keep reapplying and if it doesn’t dry well. Thanks for sharing.

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