Influenster Maybelline VoxBox

Happy Tuesday !

So I finally received my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation VoxBox in the mail and boy was I upset.


The shade that I received does not match my skin tone at all.


I absolutely love the Maybelline brand and have previously done a review on the Fit Me Foundation. I was really excited when they announced they were releasing new shades because I was on the hunt for a winter shade since I lost my lovely summer tan.

Here is the shade I received:

340 -Cappuccino

Here it is swatched

Now of course my arm is a lot darker than my face and also the face is with flash taking while my arm swatch isn’t.

Here it is compared to my other Fit Me Foundation in 355-Coconut


Again, the arm factor is in play here and this time I believe this picture was w/o flash.

So my winter shade is some what in between these two shades. Because my coconut is a tad bit too dark because I no longer have my summer tan.

Now I can’t truly be mad at the Maybelline or Influenster because we had to take a survey and guess based on the pictures provided. Of course they could’ve been lighter on the survey than my skin tone. One positive is that I now know that the new shade I do not needΒ is the 340 Cappuccino. I have been noticing these at a few Targets and CVS stores but didn’t pick them up because I knew I had this coming.

I’ve had some trouble locating pictures of the new shades and these are few of the ones I could find:

Image result for maybelline fit me new shades

I don’t really like the top image because no names are on them but the second image has the names listed but of course it is hard to tell the shades. When I noticed the display in the store I immediately thought spice brown was my shade and from the looks of it it more than likely is. I prefer more red undertones and the cappuccino was just too yellow for my liking.

Want to try Influenster?

Click Me.

What are you thoughts about this foundation? I’m going to pick up the spicy brown shade this weekend to do a swatch comparison.

Peace and Love ❀

Note: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes.


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