Bath & Body Works Haul

I’m obsessed with candles.

Like I’ve tried to put myself on restraint but Bath and Body Works just keeps killing me with these new scents.

So I’ve been collecting a few of some new scents and here’s what I’ve purchased:

First these 2 aren’t candle related but again THESE NEW SCENTS.


I picked up the Tahitit Island Dream 24 hour moisture Ultra Shea body cream and the fine fragrance mist. 

This thing right here….baby. I’m obsessed with this scent.

According to the website the scent is:

A sexy summer blend of coconut water, Tahitian vanilla musk & kiwi blossom.

And this blend is everything. I’ve been on a coconut kick lately and wasn’t surprised to see that this had coconut water in it.

Now on to the candles…

I love the mini candles because they allow me to buy more candles at an affordable price hahahaha.

I also am able to see if I really like the scents or not before committing to the larger sized ones.


Candles from Left to Right:

Happy Easter – Celebrate Spring with a sweet blend of sparkling cotton candy, raspberries and fresh sugared cream. I believe this one was a limited edition because I can’t find this on the website anymore.

Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla – The delicious scent of rich vanilla beans sprinkled with sugar crystals and freshly ground Mexican cinnamon

Endless Weekend – Days of sunshine & happiness, captured in fresh summer mandarin, sun-kissed magnolia and coconut water

I also picked up a larger version of this candle.

So my larger candles… yeah let’s dig in to them.

Endless Weekend


Again you can see this has the coconut water and I LOVE this scent. I just actually purchased another one because my boyfriend is trying to steal this one from me. *rolls eyes*

Mahogany Coconut – A sophisticated blend of rare mahogany and creamy coconut milk layered over soft sandalwood


Yeah there’s that coconut scent again. I mainly picked this one because of the coconut and it has more of a mainly scent to it. Plus, the word mahogany just immediately attracted me to the candle.

Georgia Peach – There’s nothing sweeter than a blend of Georgia peaches, dewy petals and a hint of creamy vanilla


This one was a rare pickup for me because I usually do not go towards very sweet smelling candles and that’s exactly what this is. It’s very sweet, I’m interested to see the scent it will give off when I burn it.

Fiji White Sands – Sail away to a South Seas paradise in a fragrance made from fresh cut sugarcane, white nectarine and sundrenched sandalwood


Again the notes of sandalwood attracted me to this candle. It’s not a powerful fragrance but I like it.

Stress Relief Aromatherapy Candle – Think clearly as you fragrance your home. Eucalyptus Essential Oil clears the mind while Spearmint Essential Oil uplifts to help improve concentration.


I love this candle. I usually don’t get stressed out but I enjoy the essential oils in this candle to help clear my mind after a long day.

Lastly this candle here…

Paris -A truly French treat that combines the scent of lavender blossoms with a patisserie cookie



I’ve been waiting for them to release another macaroon scent like the raspberry peach macaroon scent that they had last year and FINALLY.

I’ve found something similar. This thing has been selling out like crazy and I decided to purchase 3 of them because I will be burning this all spring.

That’s it for now.

I probably won’t purchase any new ones until they have another 2 for $24 sale again.

What are some of your favorite scents?

Peace and Love ❤


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