In Review| Lippe Box

Happy Monday All πŸ™‚

So I’m not sure if you all know this….but I’m a lipstick junkie.

I’m just obsessed.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I found this great lipstick subscription service.

Lippe Box

Lippe Box is a subscription service where you receive 2 high end lipsticks for $15 dollars a month.

So I received my first box for free and not only did the bag come super quick but I was shocked by what I received.

I received 2 Mac Lipsticks in the shades Please Me (Matte) & Rebel (Satin).

Please Me





Now I really don’t own any Mac Lipsticks so I was happy to have received these in my first box to test out. The Please Me is a really pretty pink shade that I normally wouldn’t pick up but since I received the box FO FREE 99 I figured I could test it out.

I will be back to provide updates soon.

Also, they gave me a code to use so that you all can get your first box free also.

Use the code ERRICKA to get your first Lippe Box for free.

Peace and Love ❀


6 thoughts on “In Review| Lippe Box

  1. Just letting you know that these have all been proven fakes. No telling what ingredients are in these lipsticks, which could be dangerous, let alone not worth the price. They even updated there website to say they don’t guarantee authenticity, and customer service has been awful. 😦

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