Life Update


So I know I’ve been on hiatus for the past couple of months and honestly I can say I’ve missed blogging. Having a space to record all my crazy thoughts and amplify my shopping habit was truly missed.

However, I have a major life update to announce and let’s just say that my free time has been occupied by nothing but sleep lately.

YET! I’ve somewhat bounced back and wanted to update my blog and record the remainder of my




That’s right. I’m pregnant. I’m expecting my second child.

Another February baby and I couldn’t be more excited.

Along with this life update, I’m going to be doing a new weekly series called “Da Bump & Grind.”

I will basically update you all on all things that have to deal with my little bump and how my boyfriend, Dhani & I are preparing for a new bundle of joy.

The first update will be up Friday and I will let you all know how GREAT  lovely this pregnancy has been so far and answer any other random fun facts.

PLUS, I’ve purchased so much new stuff that I will have a bunch of makeup and natural hair reviews going up soon as well. Comment below if there is anything in particular you would like a post about.


That’s it for now.

Peace and Love ❤


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