Da Bump & Grind: Week 21

As I previously mentioned, your girl is pregnant.


With my second child.


Let’s get all the basics out of the way:

21 weeks aka 5 months pregnant.

Due Date: 2/10/2017 (the day before Dhani’s birthday. I seriously have a thing for little February nuggets.)

Gender: To Be Announced.


Predictions: I’m hoping for another boy. 🙂

Names: All my names have been shot down by my boyfriend soooo I’ll let y’all know when I find out what he picks.

Feeling: Fluffy…I’ve moved to a size 10. Pray for me.

Mood Swings: YES..sorry boo. 🙂

Cravings: Pineapples and dark chocolate…but this changes daily lol.

Pains: MY LOWER BACK and these swollen fat feet.

Old Wives Tales Fun:

I’m not sure if you all are familiar with old wives tales and gender predictions but I’ve decided to list a few of them here and what they predict I will be having.

How Low Can you Go?

Low = Blue 

High = Pink

Like the last time, this baby is sitting super low which initially caused my bump to be low but lately it’s been looking like it’s getting a little higher. The jury is still out on this one. What do you all think?


Body Clues

Breakouts = Pink

Legends say that if you are having a little girl, she’ll steal your beauty. So, if you’ve got acne and other not-so-pretty skin blemishes you’ve got a little princess coming your way.

MY FACE HAS BEEN BREAKING OUT SINCE I’VE FOUND OUT I WAS PREGNANT. Last time I was pregnant, I had clear skin.

This time…yeah not so great.

Be Still My Heart

Over 140 bpm = Pink

Under 140 bpm = Blue

I’ve had both happen actually. This baby has been a busy bee during one appointment and then as lazy as a sloth during another. So yeah, the jury is still out on this one as well.


Craving sweets? According to some, that means your going to have a little girl. Salty and sour cravings indicate a boy.

Uhh… I’ve had both actually. I pretty much devour sweet and salty stuff so this one doesn’t really help either.

I’ve also been trying to stay active but FATIGUE has been killing me. I’m anemic and with the addition of this little bundle, I’ve been really really tired. I try and take advantage of whatever energy I do muster up but that is usually applied to Dhani’s baseball games.

Speaking of Dhani. He’s EXCITED. He’s been asking me for another sibling since he understood what a brother or sister was. Dhani is also #teamboy like me and I think that’s because he wants someone he can wrestle with.

That’s it. I’m hoping to take a family shoot once I find out the gender to include my other little photogenic munchkin.

Stay tuned for more about my pregnancy.


Peace and Love ❤


3 thoughts on “Da Bump & Grind: Week 21

  1. Erica, I always love your blogpost, especially this one! I am looking forward to your “Bump and Grind” series and updates. I can’t get enough of the title, haha. Congrats again! P.S. Pregnancy looks great on you!

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