Fall Protective Style Series:Yarn Twists

It’s officially October andddd that means Fall is here.

With the weather getting colder here in Pittsburgh and the fact that my baby is baking in the oven.

My hair has become a complete time consumption.

So naturally, I’m looking for a few protective styles that will be both cute and will last quite some time.

I normally gravitate towards twisted styles so of course I’ve decided to start my protective style series off with


I absolutely love yarn twists because they are so easy to do and cost little to nothing.

Here are some pictures of my previous yarn twist styles.

I usually like to do chunky yarn twists because they are a lot easier to complete and they just look a lot better.

Here are the products I used:

And here is the finished product:

To keep my hair looking fresh I apply a daily liquid moisturizer and hair tonic to my scalp.

One of my current combo fave is:

and then I also apply an oil to keep my twists looking fresh. I’m currently using sweet almond oil but will soon be switching over to JBCO because it’s getting colder.

That’s pretty much it. I plan on keeping these in for about 3 weeks and will either do another set or do some mini twists just to keep the strain off of my edges.

What are you doing to protect your ends this fall/winter?

Peace and Love ❀


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