Da Bump & Grind: Week 22

Week 21 brought wonderful news.

We are having a ….


big headed baby.

Just kidding. I’m not revealing what baby boo is just yet


I was super excited because I was able to see baby boo in 2D again and let’s just say this baby is super active.

Do you see this? Baby Boo was kicking and punching me at the same time because we were disturbing sleepy time.


Anywho this update is dedicated to


I’ve gained about 15 pounds and my work pants and jeans no longer fit because…


Although my belly is sitting pretty high, baby boo likes to rest down near my bladder which causes my lower belly to stick out.

A few of my tops are still wearable but my pants are not.

Lately I’ve lived in yoga pants and leggings because I have no bottoms.

Like every other female, fall is a glorious time for clothing.

I LIVE for layers, chunky sweaters and of course scarves.

Buuuutttt your girl does not want to buy maternity clothes…until I HAVE to.

As usual, Pinterest held your girl down.

Here are my Fall Maternity Wardrobe Essentials:

Maternity Bottoms

product photo

The Pixie Side- Panel Ankle Pants

product photo

Side-Panel Skinny Destructed Rock Star Jeans

I know I said I was trying to not buy any but I know these will be crucial in the next few months. I’ve featured 2 pair. Both from Old Navy that will help manage this growing bump of mine. I’m not going to purchase either of these for a couple of weeks because I have a few of old jeans/slacks that were a little too big and are working…for now.


These are like an honorable mention. Like plenty of women, I owe a large amount of leggings. However my favorite ones are from Old Navy again because they are thicker and aren’t see through.


I LOVE dresses!

This is a no brainer for the fall.

Here are a few of my favorites.

product photo

Marled Tee Dress

Image result for maternity striped dress

Striped Tee Dress & Denim Jacket

Tunics..Tops & Sweaters

Since I’ve been living in leggins, tunics are a most. I truly hate when my booty is uncovered..especially when I have to wear leggings to work.

AND I KNOW…Leggings are not workplace appropriate but when you are pregnant and


Somethings slide…mmmkay?

Any way..back to Tunics.

product photo

Solid Zip Sweatshirt Tunic

Tops. All my tops are too small so a few like these will do.

Cableknit Sweater Tunic

That’s it for now. I’m going to avoid buying a bunch of maternity tops and sweaters and just buy those in larger sizes from regular stores. I also skipped cardigans and that’s pretty obvious. Actually I don’t think they even make maternity cardigans. Or maybe they doo…IDK

& there’s me. I’m all for comfort yet cute.

Peace and Love ❀


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