Top 5 Deep Conditioners Under $15

The weather here in Pittsburgh has quickly went from lovely fall weather to

GIRL…winter is right around the corner.

With all that being said, I wanted to share with you all my favorite deep conditioners that I generally use around this time of the year.

A majority of these can be picked up from your local drugstore or Target.

Here are my top 5 in no particular order:

TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask

Image result for tgin honey miracle hair mask

Photo Credit: TGIN

Product Claims:

tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask is like an instant make over for dry, damaged or colored treated hair. This luxurious deep conditioner contains raw honey for softer, shinier tresses and jojoba and olive oils, which nourish and heal strands in need of repair. The result is hair that never looked so good.
Directions: After shampooing with tgin Moisture Rich Shampoo, and conditioning with tgin Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner, apply a generous amount of tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask to hair and comb through to ensure thorough distribution from roots to ends. Place a plastic cap over hair and sit under dryer for 10-15 minutes or leave on the hair for 35 minutes to 1 hour without heat. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, followed by cool water.

Retail: $14.99

Available Locations: Target, Online, Sally Beauty, Walgreens

Review: TGIN sells a sample pack on their website that I was able to purchase and recently used this deep conditioner and fell in love.

Not only did it define my curls but it left my curls very juicy while controlling my frizz. I purchased the larger size and never looked back. What I really love about this product is that it contains honey which my hair loves. This is a definitely a must try for naturals and you will be supporting a Black Owned Business 🙂

Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner

Photo Credit: Oyin Handmade

Product Claims:

Oh, Honey. It’s a natural humectant… nature’s gift for glowing, supple hair. Ah, Hemp Oil. With an incredibly rich array of Fatty Acids to ensure well-nourished tresses. Oh! Ah! Oyin’s Honey-Hemp Conditioner! How could it possibly be improved? Perhaps by adding just the smallest touch of Silk Protein and a generous dollop of Aloe Vera Gel… just to take the succulence over the top. ;o)

Retail: $13.99 for 8.4 oz

Locations: Whole Foods, Sally Beauty, Rite Aid, Target &  Online

Review: I’m slowly noticing a honey theme here but I absolutely love this conditioner from Oyin. I don’t use it as a regular conditioner but either way it leaves my hair feeling amazing. I’ve purchased this in a larger bottle because I tend to use a lot of this at once but the smaller bottle is reasonably priced. PLUS…this is another Black Owned Business  which is amazing.

Shescentit Avocado Moisturizing Conditioner

Photo Credit: SheScentIt

Product Claims:


A daily rinse for all hair types that softens, smooths, and revitalizes the hair from root to tip while improving manageability and adding lots of moisture.


Avocado Conditioner was naturally formulated to rejuvenate dry, over-processed hair in as little as five minutes. This ultra-nourishing formula penetrates deep into the hair shaft to deliver the nutrients that your hair needs. This conditioner also possesses excellent detangling capabilities. It leaves hair feeling soft, lush and  smelling yummy with the fresh scent of berries and citrus!

Retail: $11.50

Locations: Online

Review: The only downside to this product is that it’s only available online for Pittsburgh shoppers. However, the product is definitely worth the shipping cost. I know the product says it is a rinse out conditioner but I LOVE IT. The slip is amazing and it SMELLS AMAZING.  And did I forget to mention that this is another Black Owned Business. 

Shea Moisture African Black Soap Dandruff Control Hair Masque

African Black Soap Dandruff Control Hair Masque -

Photo Credit: Shea Moisture

Product Claims:

ABS ‘Dandruff Control’ Scalp Conditioning Masque Balances, conditions and removes product buildup in hair, while relieving itching, flaking and scalp irritation. Soothes dry, itchy and flaking scalp. Natural and certified organic ingredients help to seal in moisture and reduce breakage while active ingredients help calm and detox the scalp, leaving it balanced and relieved. Other Information: For use on mild to moderate cases of dandruff and itchy scalp, or as directed by the physician.

Retail: $12.99

Locations: Target, Rite-Aid, CVS and pretty much every drug store.

Review: I don’t think I could’ve made it through this list without mentioning a Shea Moisture Product or 2. This product is perfect for those of us naturals who suffer from dandruff. I don’t normally use this product but I do use it after I take down a protective style to help remove buildup.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment Masque

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment Masque -

Photo Credit: Shea Moisture

Product Claims:

Make heads turn with smooth, bouncy, frizz-free dazzling curls. SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Grow Treatment Masque makes even coarse, dry and over-processed curls and coils so soft and tangle free that you will love to love your hair. Heat style treatments like straightening and perming make hair dry, coarse and brittle. Damaged hair sheds easily, reduces in volume and looks unmanageable and unhealthy. This hair treatment Masque from SheaMoisture is infused with Jamaican Black Castor Oil which is loaded with reparative omegas. Reparative omegas are essential fatty acids which nourish and stimulate hair scalp to reduce shedding and promote hair growth. Blended with natural ingredients like peppermint and apple cider vinegar, SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Grow Treatment Masque invigorates the scalp and balances pH levels to make your curls and coils smoother and shinier. Certified Organic Shea Butter provides a nourishing hydration which moisturizes dry and damaged curls and coils to make them smoother, shinier and frizz-free. SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Grow Treatment Masque restores natural bounce and shine even to dry, coarse, color-treated hair. No more unhealthy hair and dry, damaged coils. This gentle treatment mask is the easiest way to soft, smooth, tangle free curls which look and feel incredible!

Retail: $ 12.99

Locations: Target, Rite-Aid, CVS and pretty much every drug store.

Review: Out of all the products I’ve listed this is perhaps one of my favorite deep conditioners. Not only is it affordable but this stuff is amazing. I’m not sure if it’s been strengthening my hair but I can attest to growth and restoration of my curls. My curls are normally shiny and frizz-free. This is another staple for naturals.

Those are it. I really think using these conditioners during the winter have been doing my hair wonders. I’m on the hunt for more deep conditioners to test out specifically from BOBs (Black Owned Businesses) so if you know of any please please comment below.

Peace and Love ❤


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