Unboxing| October Artisan Love Box

Happy Election Day!

Well maybe it’ll be a happy day or a disaster. None the less I’m here to share a new subscription service with you all.

I had briefly touched on it in last weeks Bump and Grind.

It’s called the Artisan Love Box and it’s a subscription service dedicated to self care and highlighting small handmade businesses and helping them grow.

The great thing about ALB is that you aren’t automatically enrolled in their subscription service. You have to come back every moth and purchase the monthly box. I love this option because I often want to skip months with subscription services and a majority of them don’t allow you to.

This box is priced at

Here is what my box looked like when I received it:


That Mommy Polish immediately caught my eye and just the wonderful aroma was amazing!

The box included:


Divine Luxury-Lavender Dreams Bath Retreat (Bath Salts)


This product was outside of my box but and some of it had spilled out onto my box. It has been kind of warm here in Pittsburgh so I’m guessing the temperature played a role in the melting of the bath salts. I’m not a fan of lavender scents so I’m going to regift this for my nana.

Pure Body – Lavender Vanilla Body Wash


Another lavender scented product. 😦 I thought maybe the vanilla essential oil would wipe out lavender scent but it doesn’t. Oh well my nana’s birthday is coming up so I will just make her a unique birthday package.

A Life Balanced – Hydrating Mist


I’ve been using this mist pretty much nonstop since I received it. The Hydrating Mist is mild toner that’s perfect for any skin type. The only con is that I believe this is the full size product but it’s $14. :-/

Scents from Heaven – Vanilla Lavender Candle


I’m guessing I’m going to have to start liking lavender or I won’t enjoy a lot of things. I was especially bummed because I AM A CANDLE ADDICT. Oh well though. It is the season of giving so I’m not upset. However they do have a vanilla buttercream candle on their site that has me interested.

 Karamelz Shop – Rose Bath Bombs


Lately I’ve steered away from bath bombs just because of the whole pregnancy and hot water thing and not wanting to overheat myself. This one is really pretty though the only downside is the label is unable to be read. Definitely check out her Etsy store. She has tons of great affordable products.

AJA Naturals – Mommy Polish (Sugar Scrub)


This and the toner were the two products I was most excited for. I tend to use more body scrubs during the colder months and can’t wait to use this after baby boo comes.

The Soap Mixtress for Artisan Love Box – Body Cream


Body creams are appropriate during Pittsburgh winter’s and sadly I’ve used a good chunk of this one up already. Not because of the weather but because it is so moisturizing.

Artisan Love Box – Nightly Bath Tea


This is just a bath tea to test out at night. 🙂

That’s it. I’m probably going to purchase the November and December boxes before deciding if I want to continue purchasing it or not.

What are some of your favorite subscription services?

Peace and Love ❤


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