Da Bump & Grind: Week 28

84 days left

GUYSSSS I have finally reached my third trimester & this is how I feel.

Image result for third trimester meme

I seriously have heartburn about 12 hours out of the day and it sucks.

Which leads me to my third trimester NEEDS.  Now that this baby is getting stronger and taking up more room in my belly I have to change up a few things.



I currently have a body pillow and Stephen. But since I  move too much my options have dwindled down to my lovely body pillow and this isn’t doing enough. I need more pillows for more support and to help with comfort.


As I previously mentioned. I HAVE HEARTBURN. Constant heartburn. The only way to deal with these are to have a bunch of tums handy. Check.

Tummy Butter.

When I pregnant before I was lucky enough to not have any stretch marks on my belly and didn’t use any butters. However,  now that I am old I want to give my skin the best chance possible and protect against stretch marks. I LOVE this tummy butter from Palmer’s.


I normally drink about 16 glasses of water a day just to help with the constant dehydration and now my dry itchy skin.

R E S T.

I seriously get out of breath so freaking fast that it is not even funny. I spend out 2-4 hours walking throughout hospitals daily and I find myself taking more breaks. I like to take the steps because elevators at University hospitals are SLOW. But your girl feels like a penguin so lately I’ve been taking my good ole time getting places. These last 12 weeks will be full of rest and relaxation in preparation for our baby.

That’s about it for now. I’m sure once I get bigger things will be added on.

Here are some quick updates.

Image result for 28 weeks pregnant

I’m now carrying an eggplant.

This past weekend I got measured for my bridesmaid dress for my cousin’s wedding in October of 2017.

Let me just say… pregnancy has been so good to me.

My hips have grown 5 inches.

I repeat.

5 inches.

And these breast have grown from an A cup to a lovely C cup.

Which reminds me… I forgot to add a good supportive bra to my list of needs for the third trimester. Darn pregnancy brain.

I honestly don’t care about breast because these things hurt. My back already hurts from this little bit of growth so they can gladly return and I will gladly rejoin the

Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

But these hips and thighs can stay.

Well after some much needed leg workouts but still.

I will gladly keep all this magic that is going on below the belly.

I’ve also officially gained 30 pounds.


My goals for this third trimester are to GET SHIT DONE.

I have to plan this baby shower.

We are getting our pictures done next month.

Finish my registry.


Find a new place to live.


And enjoy every single moment of these 12 weeks before baby boo comes!

Next week is Thanksgiving guys! I can not wait to eat. But I have to pace myself or I will be plagued by HEARTBURN all damn day.


Peace and Love ❤


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