6 Natural Hair Rules I Don’t Follow

I’ve been seeing different posts/videos centered around this topic flying around different blogs and YouTube videos for the past couple of weeks now and figured this would be something fun to participate in.


I’ve been natural for about 6 years now and I have done pretty much everything to my hair. It’s been colored, straightened, dyed and chopped.

I’ve also done pretty much every protective style…except Senegalese twists and have tried all of the out styles and now know what works for me and what doesn’t.

When I first went natural I didn’t have a clue of what to do with my hair or how to take care of it.

I read almost every single blog, forum and watched countless Youtube videos hoping to find someone with similar hair to my own and then would follow what they would do.

I quickly learned that wasn’t going to work for me and my hair hit me with the

Image result for girl bye meme

every time I tried to copy someone else.

My first natural hair rule that I do not follow is:

Image result for coconut oil meme

This took me a little longer to realize but MY HAIR HATES COCONUT OIL. But your girl would not listen and would continue to attempt to seal my ends with coconut oil and it would just SIT there.


At this point I just stopped using coconut oil altogether and my hair flourished. Currently, I only use coconut oil if it is in products which aren’t popular in my collection. I still pour coconut oil over my life…just not my hair.



This photo is from when I attempted a tapered cut. Thank you YouTube.

When I was relaxed I used to get my end clipped religiously and my hair would just flourish and grow like crazy. Naturally I applied this logic to my natural hair journey and just assumed that this is what I needed to do. I used to clip my ends religiously in the beginning and then I just got lazy and let my ends go. I now clip my ends every time I apply medium/mini twists to my hair which happens during the fall/winter months and I usually clip them when they look like they are crying out for help.


3…Allow your hair to rest between protective styles

I’m a huge fan of protective styles all the while being a lazy natural. So when I have the energy to do a style I DO NOT CARE. I think the only time I really followed this rule was when I had braids in and they were cause my edges to thin out.

Image result for naomi campbell edges

Sorry Naomi Sis but this will not be me.

This was the last time I worn braided styles back to back and then my edges were starting to thin out soooo I had to give my hair a break.

Other than that. I usually take out my twists, wash my hurr and then reinstall. Especially now that I’m pregnant and when I do have energy. I capitalize.

4…Scalp Massages to stimulate growth

Image result for scalp massages natural hair

GIRRRLLLL BYEEEE. I have never done this at all during my 6 year journey. I think this one is quite comical because WHO HAS TIME TO DO THESE MASSAGES throughout the week. By the time I get home and after homework is done…I’m pooped. Now I will say I bought a scalp massager to use during my shampoo phase but that thing has been sitting in its package for a couple of weeks now and yeah. I’m lazy and my hands work really well. I think I will give it a try but I WILL NOT BE DOING SCALP MASSAGES 3x a week.

My hair has grown from this to this before I chopped a majority of it off 2 years ago all without scalp massages.


These 2 words are constant themes all throughout the natural community. I touched briefly on sealing your ends with coconut oil..but I don’t have time for that but first you have to moisturize. I’m not sure if this is a true natural hair rule but most naturals recommend sealing and moisturizing your hair every night.

Image result for seal and moisturize natural hair



You can’t really tell in this picture but this is what happens when I apply to much moisture to my hair. It becomes greasy.

Again I do not have time. And if I did have time my hair would slap me in my face. I have low porosity hair and if I put too much product on my strands they will clog up so fast and then the product will just sit there until I clarify my hurr.

This last one is a big one. I’ve been breaking this rule all my dang life lol.

6…Sleep w/ a satin scarf or bonnet.

LISTEN LINDA. I am a wild sleeper and lazy. Sometimes I forgot to even put my scarf on and if I do 9 times out of 10 this thing does not stay on my head.

My momma tried to start me off right by always having a scarf to protect these curls but Jesus knows my heart and I’m a wild sleeper.


Basically experiment and listen to your hair. Listen Pinterest is fun and all but what works for those ladies on there might not work for your strands. If you’re on a budget try out a subscription service so you can try out a bunch of products at once. If you want to straighten your hair then do you. Write everything done and have fun.

I love trying new styles out on my hair and will continue to figure out what things work best for me.

Remember it’s just hair and it will grow back anyway.


Are there any natural hair rules that you don’t follow? Comment below.

Peace and Love ❀


5 thoughts on “6 Natural Hair Rules I Don’t Follow

  1. I agree with some of these lol ive never massaged my hair, no silk pillowcase, and i do not clip my ends that often and I feel i have some pretty healthy hair.

  2. Love this ! When I cut my hair it all of a sudden hated coconut oil ! Also people are big on Shea moisture products but I hate them now it just sits on my hair Smh

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