Da Bump & Grind: Week 30

10 more weeeeekkkkssss

OMGGGGG… this third trimester is seriously dragging. I just can not wait to meet baby boo and it’s driving me bonkers.

This will be my last double digit week to get through and then hopefully these final weeks will fly by.

This week I’m dedicating this post to a question that has been asked quite a few times.



I don’t get asked this question very often but I think it’s important to address it.

I had Dhani when I was 19 and I was a sophomore in college. I knew I wanted more children but at that time finishing college was far more important. I thank God everyday for my family because they allowed me to have the college experience and helped to raise my son. Also, Dhani’s father was in and out of jail and I knew that we were growing apart. We were high school sweethearts and when I got to college things changed.


I was going one way while he wanted to remain stagnant.

Fast forward to my senior year, I had dated a few guys but I don’t think I ever took any of them serious enough to want to have children with them. Yes, we had those fairy tale conversations about marriage and children but honestly none of those dreams never came to fruition.


College graduation came and Dhani and I continued to just grow together. I’ve always kept him very guarded because he gets attached very easily and I just didn’t want to break his little heart.


Dating and growth continued. I think I dated maybe 3 or 4 other guys seriously and had pointless conversations with a bunch of others. Some were good. Others were just a waste of my time but I kept it pushing and invested a majority of my time into motherhood.


Dhani and I continued to navigate this thing called life and were doing a heck of a job as a duo.


I was approaching 25 and starting to think that Dhani would probably be my only child. I was becoming used to our life together and really didn’t see any issues with having one child. And then I met Stephen.


I not sure if he knows  this but I almost knew we were going to have children together. Initially I was “playing hard to get” but GIRL BYE. I knew I loved him and couldn’t see my future without him.

Stephen and I were supposed to go to Aruba this past September and I knew after this trip that I would be pregnant. However, God quickly reminded me that I am not in control lol and instead I got pregnant in May.

I always wanted my children to be close in age the way my sister and I are but I think I’m excited that I waited before having my second. Dhani is old enough to CHANGE DIAPERS and DRESS HIMSELF. As much as it is killing me he is becoming a little man and becoming more and more independent every day. YES he still needs his momma but he is old enough to realize that baby boo will require just a tad bit more attention.

I commend all the mothers who have children so close in age. Especially my mother because I know my butt was a handful and then bam here comes Erin.

But 9 years later and I’m finally have my second child. I’m excited to watch this baby grow as I have done with Dhani.

30 Weeks Updates:

I’m back to talking in my sleep. Poor Stephen has to deal with my crazy conversations.

SWELLING HAS BEGUN. My fingers and toes are starting to get fat. I have to watch because this also can be a sign of preeclampsia which caused Dhani to come early last time.

Milk production is starting to begin. TMI I know but these babies are starting to show signs of leakage. Time to invest in a nursing bra.

Fatigue is real. I had all the energy during my second trimester but now I’m always tired. I’m also anemic and think I need a higher dosage of Iron but I’m also experiencing fatigue.

That is it for now. Until next time!

Peace and Love ❀


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