Unboxing| December 2016 Curlkit

Time to review my final Curlkit of 2016.

Actually this will be my final curlkit for quite some time.

I had to cancel my subscription because the products just were interesting enough to me.

I’m glad I canceled when I did because I would’ve missed out on this Curlkit Takeover.

Alikay Naturals took over this month’s Curlkit and I couldn’t be more excited.

Alikay Naturals is a Black Owned Natural Hair Company that is sold both online and locally in Sally’s and Target.

I’ve actually first heard of this company after following its owner, Rochelle, on Youtube.

One of my goals for 2017 is to support more black owned businesses so I knew I had to jump on this curlkit.

I’ve only tried one product from this line before and was excited to see it was taking over December’s Curlkit.

This month’s CurlKit included 5 products (3 full sized products and  2 samples)

Lemongrass Leave In – $13 for 8 oz

Description: The perfect moisture solution for all hair types. A lightweight leave-in conditioner that penetrates deep into the hair cortex to lock in moisture, soften, strengthen and condition each strand.

This is the only product that I’ve previously tried and I want to say I received this in an old curlkit from about 3 years ago. I absolutely love everything about this product. I’m actually glad it was included because I was going to pick this up during her Black Friday sale.

Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil – $17 for 8 oz ( 2 oz sample received in Curlkit)

Description: A custom blend of 17 essential oils and herbs that are used to promote hair growth and a healthy scalp.

I’m excited about this product because I want to attempt a growth challenge during the month of March after I deal with some postpartum shedding occurs. Since the essential oils in here are used to promote growth I figured this would be a perfect aid. If you have used this before and have had great results please comment below.

Wake Me Up Curl Refresher – $13 for 8 oz

Description: Shake, spray, & go! A special blend of natural ingredients, reduces frizz, enhances natural shine & locks in moisture all day. It works by clumping your curls together to help them pop. Why not make your second day hair style better than the first?

I’m not a wash and go girl but I wanted to give them a try this summer so this product will come in handy when I’m attempting those.

Dulce Hydrating Curl Lotion – $6 for 2 oz

Description: This lightweight lotions perfect for hydrating, softening and defining your curls for a soft natural hold. Vitamin E protects your hair & a blend of hokum butter moisturizes each curl for a smooth fabulous look.

I haven’t used this product yet but will probably use it after I take out these twists during my wash day.

Aloe Berry Styling Gel – $10 for 8 oz (4oz received in Curlkit)


Description: Now you have the freedom to style your hair without fear of drying from a “traditional” styling gel. This tropical scented gel is made with natural aloe vera gel, botanicals & essential oils to hydrate your hair.

Styling Gels and I are not friends but I will give it a shot. If this doesn’t work out this will be regifted.

That’s it. I’m actually glad this was my last curlkit because I will be able to use about 4 out of the 5 products in this box.

Peace and Love ❀


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