Holiday Haul| Soultanicals

I don’t know if you can tell by now but I am a product junkie.

There is something about getting new products to test out and use all on my own.

So of course I’m on my makeup no buy but of course I’ve had all of this extra coins to spend on natural hair products.

Basically my no buy was for nothing..because I AM STILL BUYING THINGS.

 However, this past Black Friday I didn’t very crazy like I normally do. Yet I did the make the decision to only support Black Owned Businesses (BOB)

The first company I supported was Soultanicals.

I’ve heard of Soultanicals before but I’ve never made a purchase from them.

Soultanicals is owned by Ayo and sells everything from natural hair products to bath and body products. I believe they are solely an online company but they also are in select Targets.

I made two different purchases, one during her anniversary sale which was about 1 or 2 weeks before BF and then I made a second Black Friday purchase.

Here is what I ordered:

Anniversary Sale – 40% off of everything

 Marula-Muru Moisture Guru – $16, 8 oz

Known as some of the “world’s best ingredients for Afro-ethnic hair” (one scoop and you’ll know why), this rich self-prophesizing hair cream nourishes deep within the strand with hydrating murumuru butter, moisture-boosting marula oil and strand smoothing pracaxi oil. Especially loved by Dry, Coarse Afro, Coily Hair in need of Maximum Nourishment! Marula-Muru Moisture Guru is lighly scented with a yummy banana and cocoa fragrance!

Image result for marula muru moisture guru

I haven’t used this product but yet but I will be sure to update you all when I do use it.

 Knot Sauce – $16, 8oz

A Nappilicious Reinvention of A Natural Hair Detangler, Super-Naturally Emphasized with Blue Malva Herb, Brocolli Seed Oil & Coconut Nectar for Excellent Comb-Thru Spreadability & Extra Softness! A lusciously creamy, delish blend of cake batter and butter icing with a hint of vanilla. The Proof is in the Sauce!

Image result for knot sauce

I haven’t used this one yet but I did receive another similar sauce with my extra goodies and absolutely love it. I love that this is in a bottle rather than a jar. The only bad thing is that it’s only 8 oz of product and I’m rather heavy handed so I’m going to go through this product a lot quicker.

Afrotastic Curl Elastic – $16, 8oz

This botanical creamy, nutrient-rich, deep conditioner rehydrates & detangles thick, thirsty tresses while adding comb-thru spreadability. Deep Conditioning Amla fruit and Strand-Softening Ximenia oil deeply penetrates the hair cuticle while slip-providing botanicals help you complete your hair-washing ritual. Gently warm prior to use for Curl-Poppin’ Results!

Image result for afrotastic curl elastic

I’m a deep conditioner junkie so I had to pick this up.

Power to the Pre-Poo – $18, 8oz

This powerful hair-lliance of ‘superfruits’ combines Amla and Olive fruits with revitalizing Manuka Honey & moisture-retaining Meadowfoam Seed Oil in a delicious pre-wash blend.

Image result for power to the prepoo

I don’t normally pre-poo my hair but I mainly purchased this item because of the amount of oils in this product. I’ve been using this in my LCO regimen and love it.

Mama Says Rock You Out- Twist Butter – $13, 5 oz

Rub between your fingers or palms to melt. Use to twist locs, to style & seal the ends of twists or braids, to polish an updo, or to soften hair. Also works great as a scalp conditioner and body butter.

Image result for mama said knock you out butter

So far I’ve used this product twice and had so so results. I now know to use this to seal with and not attempt braid or twist outs with. This butter is just too thick for my low porosity curls.

 “Can’t Believe It’s Knot Pumpkin” – $16, 8 oz

This smooth hair butter is Super-Naturally Emphasized with a divine combination of creamy butters, nourishing Jamaican black castor oil and sweet honey. It will melt in your strands for Excellent Comb-Thru Spreadability, Sealing in the Moisture & Adding Extra Softness & Shine!

Image result for can't believe its knot pumpkin

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. Not only does it have a pumpkin smell but this gives amazing moisture and defines my curls like no other. I was able to get 4 days out of a twist out and this usually does not happen. I believe the pumkin scented one is sold out but the regular butter is still available.

Monoi Moisture Slip- Deep Conditioning, Fertilizing Dip – $16, 8 oz

A natural, deep conditioner designed to provide optimal hair and scalp support with botanical extracts, and nutrients, while also offering moisture, circulation, and damage repair, through advanced actives.

Image result for monoi moisture slip

Another DC for me to add to my collection. I haven’t used this yet either.

& Ayo surprised me with some additional goodies as well. Here are the additional goodies I received.

Slip n Slide Knot Proof Hair Glide – $16, 8 oz

A Knappilicious reinvention of our natural hair detanglers, super-naturally emphasized with Slippery Elm, Okra & Mushroom Gum for excellent comb-thru spread-ability & extra softness! MORE SLIP & MOISTURE than our Beloved Knot Sauce and Mango Dip! The Proof is in the SLIP!!!! SLIP GALORE!!!

Image result for can't believe its knot pumpkin

THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. Not only does it provide great slip but it melts away any tangles I have. Detangling was a breeze for me. I’ve also used this as a leave in and LOVE it. The only bad thing again is I’m going through this like crazy. I’ve used it about 3 times so far and I’m sure this will be done with another 3 or 4 washes.

Hair Win Tress Bobby Pins – $4 for 300 pins

Image result for hair win tress bobby pins

WHAT NATURAL DOESN’T NEED BOBBY PINS. Lol I know I do. I am always losing these and now Ayo just gifted me with 300 more.

Here are the products I ordered during Black Friday and I believe it was 50% off:

Can’t Believe its Knot Honey Agave Deep Conditioning Hair Caramel – $16 for 8 oz

Embeds serious moisture, softens and hydrates the thirstiest and thickest hair textures. Also softens hair texture for easier detangling and manageability.

Can't Believe Its Knot Honey- Agave Deep Conditioning Hair Caramel

For some reason I have 3 of these. 2 are a creamier texture and the other is more of a solid mixture. I’ve used this 3x already and have fallen in love with. I don’t really care for the solid texture because it is difficult to apply to my strands. I’m planning on putting one of the unopened deep conditioners in a giveaway. Comment below if you are interested.

Pumpkin -Kaolin Healing Locks Deep Clean Curl Detox – $16 for 8 oz

Our Pumpkin-Kaolin Healing Locks Deep-Clean Curl Detox is a deep healing cleanse that will detoxify your strands & draw impurities out.

Pumpkin-Kaolin Healing Locks Deep-Clean Curl Detox

Like the hair caramel I have 2 of these and don’t think I will need a backup. So I’m debating adding this to a giveaway also. I’ve used this once and am somewhat on the fence about it. While the smell is amazing this product is messy and can stain your sink if you aren’t careful. I agree with its claim of being a curl detox and will only use this about once a month even though it recommends using weekly for about 4-6 weeks.

Winter Natural Hair Care Bundle – $49.99

COILEMENTS- Winter Natural Hair Care Bundle

This is what I was most excited to get. I’ve heard great things about her bundles and was eager to try the products included in here.

This bundle includes:

8 oz Coil Soil Clarifying Hair Fertilizer

8 oz Kink Sink Intense Moisture Sealant

8 oz Winter Silk Mane Milk

4 oz Afro Cider Twist Curl Refreshing Mist

4 oz Jar of Straight Butta Heavy Sealing Butter

4 oz Bar of Shampoo Love Exfoliating Scalp Scrub

1 Dutch Wax Print African Headwrap Fabric

Most of these products can’t be purchased separately which is a bummer because I really like the refreshing mist, sealing butter, and the shampoo bar. Hopefully she will release these individually like she did with some of the products from the fall bundle.

Sadly this bundle is sold out. But sign up for her emails and you can be notified when it comes back in stock.

ANNNNDDDD… that is it. I think I am set for a couple of months with Soultanicals products until it’s time to reup. Hopefully by then it will be around Mother’s Day and she will have a Mother’s Day sale.

I will be back to provide updates on more products as I use them.

Have you ever used any Soultanical products? If so what are your favorites?

Comment Below!

Peace and Love ❤


One thought on “Holiday Haul| Soultanicals

  1. Wow, I thought I was a product junkie! I’ve never heard of this brand but some of the ingredients sound amazing. Definitely added to my list. Thanks for some great reviews x

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