Da Bump & Grind: Week 35

35 days to go

We are closing in on the final stretch and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m super excited to meet baby boo and we are slowly but surely completing things off of our Things to Do checklist.

My babyshower is about 3 weeks away and I’ve finally finalized my registry.

I can’t remember if I made a registry before but this was both exciting and nerve wracking.


But I can’t be selfish in asking people to pay for expensive gifts for a baby that they aren’t related to.

Anywho I just wanted to share a 2 of my favorite items from my registry with you all.

I’m currently registered at Target and Babies R Us and my favorites are as follows:

4moms Infant Tub – $49.99

This tub is so amazing because it comes with a digital thermometer to avoid placing your beautiful baby in a scalding hot tub. It also comes with a rinse cup to help wash your babies scalp AND it helps dirty water flow out and bring in clean water. This is one of my top favorites off of my registry.

Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Diaper Bag, French Stripe – $69.99

I know this is a little pricey for a diaper bag but I’ve seen this baby in action and fell in love. A woman was shopping in Banana Republic with her 2 small children and had this diaper bag and LITERALLY it FIT EVERYTHING and then some. The picture doesn’t do it any justice.

I also wanted to give a disclaimer that while I can’t invite everyone to my babyshower I wanted to share my registry with everyone in case anyone feels inclined to send a gift our way. Even if it is just a card saying congratulations, I will be excited.

If you are interested in sending me anything please comment below or email me at


Baby Boo Updates:

I briefly mentioned last time that this child of mine has already dropped.

While baby boo gave us a bit of a scare, she has been inching toward my pubic bone causing some pressure. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that she will come early.

Swelling has commenced.

My piggies are slowly beginning to show signs of inflation as well as my fingers. It’s nothing major but I’m noticing when I first wake up that I have some swelling.

Other than those 2 things I’ve been fine. I go to the doctors on Monday so I’m interested to see how much weight I have gained.

Talk to you all next Friday!

Peace and Love ❀


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