Unboxing| Pearls Box

Hey all 🙂

I have a new and exciting subscription service to share with you all.

It comes from my good friend Alexis and it’s called

Pearls Box.

Pearls’ Box is an organic skin care and novelty line. We are in our soft launch and our goal is to help the skin heal and improve using products that earth has given us. All products are handmade and deeply researched. We strive to build relationships with our pearls  giving out tips, on call for questions and advice and our awesome products! Monthly you will receive a box full of our skin care goodies , with monthly raffles and added gifts! Did we mention you get a free sample kit to kick start you on your journey!

In my first box I received 4 products:


Facial Wipes


Purified Water, Rose Petal and Aloe Which Hazel, Jojoba oil, extra virgin olive oil,Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil, lavender, Frankincense

How To Use:

Great for lazy days when you want to wipe your face and you are short on time or energy. If you wear makeup these are a great start to your clean face routine,but not made to get rid of all the makeup on your face. I also use these on days when I just need to freshen up my face.



Raw Unfiltered Un pasteurized Honey Manuka Honey, Castile Soap,Organic Rose Petals, Oats

How To Use:

With clean hands take some out of your jar, add a little water and massage into the face in an upward motion. You can either rinse off or let it set for a little so your face can eat it all up !

Hot Cloth


Unrefined Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Lavender, Rosemary, Eucalyptus

How To Use:

Get a hot damp cloth lay it on your face, and repeat as many times as you please, after apply the “Hot cloth Oil” and massage into the skin and then place a hot cloth on your face and allow the heat to do its jobs with the oils. Afterwards wipe off and feel like new! (I use this one at night and when I wake up my skin feels amazing) Excellent for those who wear makeup

Sample of Body Butter

Raw Mango Butter, Unrefined Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado oil, Bee’s Wax, Lavender, Parfum

Overall I enjoyed my first Pearls Box.

I only have a few things that I would change. I would definitely do away with the facial wipes. I was only able to use one because they were all stuck together. 😦

Secondly, I really really really love the hoar BUT it’s a pain in my sink with those rose petals. I hope she will make an option to have it without the rose petals.

Hot Cloth was another favorite of mine. I really don’t do  many oil rinses but they are working wonders with this dry winter air.

I don’t have really acne prone skin or many skin problems so I didn’t notice a huge difference with the exception of my skin being really moisturized after using the hot cloth at night. Also, since I’m currently pregnant I think my pregnancy glow isn’t giving me a true view of the products. I plan on trying these products out again after my delivery when my skin returns back to normal.

Interested in trying out a Pearls’ Box.

Check their website out here.

Peace and Love ❤


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