Da Bump & Grind: Week 36

AHHHHHHHH I only have 28 days left.

I seriously can not wait.

I mean I remember complaining about only being 7 months lol and bam I look up and I’m now 9 months!

Not much has really changed except this girl has been driving me crazy lately with Braxton Hicks and false alarms.

Hopefully, she will be here about a week early because I really don’t want Dhani and her to share the same birthday.

The past couple of weeks have been insanely busy but very productive.

We found a larger space.

Our baby shower has been planned.

& we have started nursery shopping.

There are still a few more things on my to do list but those will be completed within the next couple of weeks.

The only update that I really have for you all is to share the name we decided on.

Oh and the fact that I’ve gained 41 pounds thus far.


Anyway back to more important news here is the name we decided on.

Harper Renee.

I lost out on the names I wanted BUTTTTT I really fell in love with the name Harper and can’t wait to meet our little diva.

Next week I will share what’s in my hospital bag with you all.

Hopefully Harper doesn’t come before then.


Peace and Love ❀


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