41 days with Harper

I can’t believe time has flew by so quickly.

Harper has been here for 41 days and its been crazy.


I had planned on updating you all when she hit a month but life happened.

So here is a quick update.

The first few weeks were a struggle.

I can honestly say I underestimated how difficult life would be with a newborn and a 9 year old. Needless to say I did have enough support from my family which has helped with my transition.

Now that I’m slowly getting back into a schedule I’m somewhat nervous to return to work mainly because it’s another thing to add to my crazy schedule.

But enough about me.

Here is what is new with Harper.

Harper has browned up so fast and is starting to plump up.


She will be 2 months in two weeks and has already gained 2 pounds.

She is also screaming and is able to recognize her daddy when he walks by her.

She hates the tub.


Hates latching on….unless she gets milk first. I don’t think she likes to work hard to get her milk lol.

She has a double chin πŸ™‚


She is very spoiled.

She literally can tell when someone puts her down to sleep.

We are currently working on getting her out of this…but I Β must admit I’m slacking because I just love holding and smelling her.

Her tummy time is usually filled with licking her fingers and then throwing her head back to attempt to roll over.

Yes this girl is already attempting to roll over and stand. She loves to kick her little legs when she is upset lol.

Lastly, she is a GAS MACHINE.

My poor baby was so gassy in the beginning lol.

But she is gaining weight and is a happy and healthy baby.

Dhani is an amazing big brother. We are working on the diaper changes but he shut me down lol.


Other than that we are working on getting us all on a schedule but we all know that newborns have their own minds.

Until next time πŸ™‚

Peace and love ❀


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