Exclusively Pumping & Formula Feeding

Initially I had all these great plans of breastfeeding Harper and bonding over my maternity leave. 


Harper has a mind of her own.

Initially she was latching on and doing great. But my baby boo switched it up about 11 days postpartum. Of course my supply wasn’t very great at this time yet so I had to supplement with formula and I think this is where things went downhill lol.

Ever since I started supplementing with formula, Harper has decided to no longer latch on. 

But I know the importance of the #liquidgold and it’s amazing benefits for baby boo. 

In walks exclusively pumping. 

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been exclusively pumping and loving it. Although my work schedule is very flexible, I knew once I returned to work that I would slow down on the breastfeeding and pump more anyway. 

I will say that breastfeeding in general is hard work. It took me about a week or so to develop a schedule and to keep my motivation up. I am nervous about how I’m going to remain pumping when I start working out again but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. 

Increasing Milk supply. 

I think this has been embedded in my Google and Pinterest search for the past couple of weeks. Again I wanted to be sure that I’m supplying Harper with enough milk that I’ve been supplementing formula while I’m increasing my flow. 

I’ve been testing out a couple of lactation products and I’m eager to share my results after a few more weeks of testing.

Formula Feeding.

As I stated, I’ve been supplementing my breast milk with formula until I can build a large enough stash.

At first we were using regular Similac but Harper is just like Dhani and was having issues with gas so I switched to the sensitive. 


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