Exclusively Pumping Series: Milky Mama

Milky Mama

As I eluded to before. Initially I was struggling with increasing my milk.

So I skipped over to Instagram to look for lactation brownies and cookies.

I stumbled upon Milky Mama.

Milky Mama was created by Krystal Nicole Duhaney, a Registered Nurse, Certified Lactation Counselor, and breastfeeding mommy of two. After having her second child and returning to work, Krystal struggled with her milk supply and realized that there were very few resources for breastfeeding mothers in the same predicament. She knew then that she had to come up with a solution that would help to increase her milk supply!

Using her knowledge as a Registered Nurse and love for baking, Duhaney developed a milk-making cookie recipe and fell in love with the results. This lactation cookies dramatically increased her supply. Soon after, she decided that she could not keep her discovery a secret and had to share this with other mothers who were going through a similar situation. So, in November of 2015, Milky Mama was born.

Not only did I notice a large amount of great reviews but the products looked amazing.

After reading a generous amount of reviews, I decided to take the plunge.

I purchased theย variety starter pack 1ย for $68 and it included:

One dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

7 day smoothie mix

7 bottles of lemonade

I also picked up an order of the lactation brownies for $15.


These brownies.

This lemonade.

Taste amazing.

I couldn’t stop eating them. I was going through them so fast that I made a second purchase.

My second purchase I picked up more lemonades and then I bought another batch of her lactation brownies as well as the emergency brownies.

My Thoughts:

Overall, I did notice a slight increase in my milk production after consuming these products. As I previously mentioned the taste of her products were amazing. They left you wanting more.

Price wise, I think they are somewhat on the pricey side. Especially if you are supposed to consume about 2 brownies and a lemonade a day.

These babies go fast.

Would I repurchase?

I most certainly would repurchase but only the brownies. I’m not sure if the lemonade made a huge improvement in my production but I know those brownies most certainly did. Now that my production has increased I definitely want to make another purchase.

Overall, I would recommend Milky Mama to any mama who is struggling to increase their milk supply.

Peace and Love โค

*All images are from Milky Mama website.


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