Affordable Liquid Lipstick – Jordana Cosmetics

Hi all ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m back with yet another liquid lipstick haul. This time it is an affordable drugstore brand. Jordana Cosmetics I recently watched a YouTube video about these lippies and I was excited to pick them up because they are super affordable. This brand is available in my local Walgreens but I have never … More Affordable Liquid Lipstick – Jordana Cosmetics

The LipStick Files: LA Splash Cosmetics

I just want to take that first step and admit that I’m secretly obsessed with lipstick. Matte, liquid lipsticks, or gloss have instantly become my newest obsession. I’ve been collecting various types of lipsticks and today’s post is dedicated to LA Splash’s liquid lipsticks. Now these lippies are a tad bit more expensive than the … More The LipStick Files: LA Splash Cosmetics