Roof Top, Like I’m Bringing ’88 Back



Hey yall!! So I’m finally back from my blogging hiatus and boy does it feel great. 

I just wanted to give you all a brief update on my lifeeee. 

Okay so I recently celebrated my 26th birthday and at first I was only focused on how many years I had left until I was turning 30, then I promised myself to not think about it again and just enjoy life.  Also, a great friend dropped some wonderful advice in my imessages and I quote “make the best of your youthfulness now and stop looking ahead. you’ll be fine when the time approaches” Great right! 

But 26 has been great thus far! I finally registered for Pittsburgh Great Race but just the 5K cause lord knows momma isn’t ready for that just yet. But it’ll be interesting to see if I can fall back in love with running, hopefully I can. But I will be sure to share my training progress with everyone.

I also, finally signed up for my own insurance since I’m getting the boot from my momma’s insurance. I feel like this has been my first true sign of adulthood even though I can rent a car without my mother’s help. LMAO.

Lastly, my vegetarian lifestyle has been great. Although, when I went on a cruise, I had to eat seafood because the vegetarian options were slim to none. However, I do enjoy the pescatarian lifestyle so I think I’m going to remain one.

That’s it for now guys.

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Hello Ms. 26

Peace and Love <3


#FitnessFriday: 90 Day Check Up


I can’t believe that is has been almost 90 days since I have embarked on my latest fitness challenge. Time flies when you are having fun.

I’m excited because in the beginning it was really tough to get back on track because I was so set in my lazy morning ways. However, I stuck with it and have noticed some significant changes. First and foremost, my energy levels have drastically changed. I know notice, I have more engergy throughout the day after a good morning workout or even when I’m just eating healthy. Secondly, I have noticed a change in my little belly that I began with. It has definitely flattened out and now I’m working on cutting away at this fat.

I was able to accomplish a few of my goals, including my water intake and keeping up with working out 5-6 times a week. I wasn’t able to continue with my group page on facebook…but that’s not a huge concern. Also, I did stray away from my alcohol once a week goal during the month of April and May however, I have since slowed down and plan on keeping it that way.


So here is my belly progression! I’m super proud of myself and of course the help of my mother. I’m not starting to see definition in my stomach thanks to her tough workouts and my clean eating. Weight wise, I have been bouncing around between 128 and 129. I was able to get down to 125 but since then I have been gaining weight back in the form of muscles which is alright with me lol.



So what’s next?

Of course, I’m continuing on with this 90 day challenge. I’m the type of person that like to break down a huge goal into smaller goals so I will be attacking this fitness in smaller goals or 90 day challenges. So with this second half of 90 days, my mother has changed my workout schedule. My new schedule will look a  little like this:

Total Body Workouts – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Cardio & Abs – 2 days a week

2 15-20 HIIT workouts

1 Full Rest Day

I do hope to up my cardio in the next 90 days.


Lol yeah.. I used to LOVE cardio but now I’m in love with lifting weights. However, I did notice a huge change last year when I was running and lifting. So this next 90 days, cardio will be a major part of the next 90 days. I also do hope to start taking more pictures of other body parts. Especially my arms, quads and my back..these are the body parts I’m most obsessed with lol.

However on the flip side, I have dropped meat out of my diet completely YAY!! lol so I’m excited to see how living this vegetarian lifestyle will effect my body.

So that’s it for now guys! See ya in the next 90 days.

Tea Time: BooTea TeaTox Initial Review

…what’s the tea?

It’s time for yet another teatox review. I know I haven’t put up my final review for Skinny Teatox but I will be revisiting that upon completion of this teatox so bare with me.

I had originally ordered this teatox a few months ago and it took FOREVER to finally arrive to my house…granted this company is based in the UK, however I have had handmade clothes shipped to me faster than this tea yet that’s neither here nor there lol.


(Source: Google Images)


BooTea , as stated before is a UK based 100% natural health supplements company that has a desire to promote an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

How Does BooTea work?

The natural ingredients found in Bootea can:

•    Increase your metabolism

•    Burn calories and convert food to energy

•    Burn fat & counteract fat storage

•    Regulate blood sugar levels

•    Assist in the digestion of food

•    Suppress appetite

•    Improve skin health

•    Improve quality of sleep

•    Cleanse & detoxify

•    Allow you to reach your health/weightloss goals

All ingredients are pure, natural & preservative free!

How does Bootea tea work?

Bootea makes a point of using only the best natural ingredients for your body. The natural health and weight loss ingredients we use are specifically and finitely selected to maximise the teatox process.

That may sound like a mouthful, so we’ll cut the jargon and explain in short how Bootea will help you achieve your goals.

Our daytime tea works to increase your metabolism, by doing so this helps your body convert food into energy to burn fat and calories whilst also supressing your appetite. As a result you should begin to notice that you have more energy and more motivation to exercise. The appetite suppressing ingredients will mean you find yourself feeling less hungry and make you less prone to snacking. Our Flexi Diet Plan takes this into consideration for you.

Our Bedtime Cleanse tea bag (to be taken at night time) works on cleaning out your digestive system, helping to prevent excess calories from being absorbed and stored as fat.

The Teatox:

The aim of the Bootea teatox & eating plan is to cleanse your body whilst significantly aiding weightloss. The ingredients used in our teas have been used for centuries for health and wellbeing purposes but it is only now we have finally brought all these powerful ingredients into one perfect, rounded product.  Teatox is a fancy word we use to describe the way the body goes through a natural process of elimination, by removing unwanted ‘toxins’ & built up waste matter, from your body via the lungs, kidneys, bowels and skin.


Daytime Detox:

Chinese Oolong tea, Maté leaves, Ginger root, Fennel seeds, Lemongrass, Dandelion leaf, Ginseng root, Gotu Kola leaves, Nettle leaves.

NOTE: The Daytime Detox does NOT produce a laxative effect (only the Bedtime Cleanse will operate in this manner). The Daytime Tea contains a small amount of caffeine.


Bedtime Cleanse:

Senna leaves, Peppermint leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Liquorice root, Burdock root, Hawthorn leaves, Valerian root, Psyllium seeds.


Source: About Bootea

I ordered the 14 day BooTea Teatox which is currently $33.94. They also offer a 28 day teatox which is on sale for $59.40, the daytime tea and nightime tea separately, bootea smoothies and lastly a fitness plan.

I also like that they offer a eating plan, see below:

The Bootea Flexible Eating Plan helps to optimise the detoxification process while maximising weight loss during the Bootea teatox. We provide various healthy options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. We do NOT advocate an ‘eat less’ policy! As we always stress,we are all different shapes and sizes and some of use will get full up quicker than others. If you’re following this plan and you find yourself still hungry we recommend adding in another snack or two from our healthy options list to keep you going :)! For maximum results we recommend an active exercise regime.  (Source: Eating Plan)

& here are my starting pictures:


Starting Weight: 128.6 lbs

Starting Waist: 26 inches

Also, I would like to mention that I am not looking to lose weight. If I do in face shed some pounds, great…if not oh well.

See you all in one week for an update!

Peace and Love <3

Meatless Monday: Pasta With Broccoli, Tomatoes And Pine Nuts Topped With Vegan Cheese

…and so it begins! Hey y’all! I’ve officially started my vegetarian diet! I’m so freaking pumped to see where this journey takes me and the body changes that will occur .

Any who I have a little less than a month until I take my Caribbean cruise and I have decided to up my intensity of my workouts as well as avoid meat. With that being said I want to introduce the idea of Meatless Monday’s (even though I know this is currently being done).


I signed up for a weeks worth of emails and recipes over at and made one of the dinner recipes tonight.

Here’s the recipe:

Serves 2, <30 minutes

1/2 lb (225 g) your choice of whole-grain pasta
1 head broccoli
1/2 Tbsp olive oil
1 garlic cloves, chopped
3 Tbsp (20 g) pine nuts
A pinch of chili powder
1 (14 oz / 400 g) can diced tomatoes
Fresh parsley as garnish

Boil water for pasta. Prepare according to package directions.

Meanwhile, steam or boil broccoli pieces until tender crisp.

Sauté garlic in oil in a large frying pan until lightly brown. • Add pine nuts, chili powder and tomatoes, and simmer over medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes. • Stir in the cooked broccoli and drained pasta. • Serve with fresh parsley.

I also added:


because I’m a cheese fanatic lol. However this dairy free cheese is AH-MAZING!! This will definitely become a staple in my cooking.

Broccoli Pasta

Here’s the final product and it was so freaking delicious and filling. Perfect way to end my night along with a cup of tea.

What are some of your favorite #meatlessmonday recipes?

Peace and Love <3


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Fitness Friday: Healthy Snacking? Let’s Graze!

 Now I know that today isn’t Friday but I forgot to post this due to me being on the road travelling for my family vacation..but here it is anyway!

Hey all! So I’m teaming up with some pretty cool natural divas over at and participating in their Fitness Friday series.

Any who, I’m sure everyone is familiar with subscription boxes and all the glam that comes along with them. However, I have never come across a box that was devoted to healthy snacking. In walks Graze.


What is Graze?

Graze is the largest and fastest growing healthy snacks subscription business in the world. We offer consumers personalized boxes of healthy treats delivered to their door. Founded by 7 friends in London, graze has become a household name in the UK and it has changed the way a generation of Brits snack. Since our launch in Sep 2013 we have grown at an extraordinary pace, with strong customer bases across the whole of the United States. The graze craze is now taking the country by storm……  (Source

So I stumbled upon a graze friendcode on Facebook that was offering your 1st and 5th box from graze for free and decided to take the plunge.

How Does Graze Work?

Just like with any other subscription service, Graze boxes are based off of your preference. They currently have two different box types to choose from:

Calorie Counter Box: Low Calorie Snacking – Over 50 healthy snacks to choose from, all snacks are between 50-150 calories


Nibble Box: Maximum Variety- Choose from over 90 of the tastiest natural nibbles

What’s really cool about graze is you can set your frequency to a box a week, bi monthly or however far out your little heart desires…all for just $6 which also includes shipping. Secondly, you are also able to go on their website after receiving your box and rate the snacks you received and ultimately semi creating a uniquely customized box.

So I received my first Graze box this past week and here’s what I received:

Boston baguettes

BBQ relish with tomato bread sticks


This was so yummy! I will def give this a love rating so I can get this a lot more.

Raspberry and coconut muffin

Amaretti drops, raspberry infused cranberries, almond slices and coconut flakes


Mississippi BBQ pistachios

Roasted pistachios with BBQ seasoning


Tropical daiquiri

Pineapple, green mange, and lime infused raisins


I love that each snack is perfectly packaged and can easily be thrown in my purse or lunch bag. I’m actually getting ready for a road trip and these babies are perfect and will allow me to avoid picking up gas station snacks.

My next box is set to ship next week so I will be sure to update you all on how everything tasted and what I will receive. If you are interested in trying out graze, you can use my unique friendcode which will allow you to get your first and fifth box free.

Just follow this link:

Peace and Love <3


So as I previously mentioned, I’m thinking about, actually I have made up my mind to go vegan. However, I haven’t decided on when to start. Now don’t get me wrong, as much as I hate cruelty to animals, I love MEAT. But I’ve been slowly turning away from meat and eating a bunch of meat substitutes lately. I figured that since I’m able to slowly make the transition to meat substitutes then I should be able to transition to being a vegan.

Initially I’m going to become a vegetarian for about a month or so and then make the full transition to vegan life.


With that being said, I’m going to create a new page on my blog that will be devoted to living a vegan lifestyle. I’m hoping to compile a listing of blogs and include tips for transitioning to vegan. I’m also interested in seeing the affects of living a vegan lifestyle and how that will affect my weight loss journey.

Peace and Love <3



 Now that we are a few days into the month of June, I’d thought I would share some progress photo’s as well as my newest outlook on life and during this fitness journey.

but before we jump in to that I just wanted to make a small announcement that we are halfway done with 2014 and the best month of the year is NEXT!!


let me not get ahead of myself. anywho on to the progress pictures.

june june14

“Progress is a slow process”

I’m so impressed with how far my body has came. Yes indeed it has been a slow process but I’m not giving up. I can not wait to see myself a year from now. I’m shooting for some abs baby! Also, my V cuts are coming!!!

Secondly, my mother has been kicking my butt with her bootcamp. I’m so proud of her fitness journey and everything that she is creating. It’s only up from here and lord knows she’s going to continue to change lives and create healthy individuals.


Thirdly, can we just quickly talk about this lovely decision that I have made to go Vegetarian/Vegan. Now I haven’t fully made the transistion but I have decided to become a vegetarian first then move on to a vegan. I’m a little bit scared to become a vegan because I love CHEESE, however I have been informed that there is even vegan cheese so I shall give it a shot.  Anywho, I ordered a free vegan/vegetarian starter kit which should help with my transistion and once it arrives, I will be sure to share with everyone. In the meantime here is a cool infographic that depicts a few key facts about the vegan diet.


Did I mention that I’m already going through withdrawl? yeah this shall be very interesting. Any tips or comments from any seasoned vegans would be amazing! I’m looking for all the help I can get!

But that’s it for now. My 3 month challenge is drawing near and I’m eager to start a new challenge in which I will probably push myself a lot harder.

Peace and Love <3